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Are you considering writing and publishing a book in eBook format first? We can help.

We assist writers to publish and sell ebooks on Amazon's Kindle Store.

If you have published a book and would like an ebook version listed and selling on Amazon, in days, we can help.

Your new ebook will be accurately described and displayed on the Amazon Kindle store, with a special cover photo, a description, and your name, as author, shown. Sales worldwide are possible the moment Amazon accept your files and publish the ebook on the Kindle Store.

There are two ways to approach ebook publishing: handle everything yourself (we list the things you must do below) and it will only cost you the time involved, or, . . . we do everything for you, ensuring you get a professional product to be proud of, in the Kindle store, in days, not months. This includes assigning an International Standard Book Number or ISBN, which is a unique identifier for books, intended to be used commercially. Just adds a professional touch to the presentation of your book.

To get Amazon to accept a Kindle book for sale you need to:

1. prepare and send Amazon a computer file for the content, and a graphic image file for the 'cover'. Amazon will attempt to convert the ebook files you send them to put them in their Kindle Store
2. write a description of the book (the selling copy). This copy needs to be punchy and literate to work. You enter this on the listing form.
3. provide a profile about yourself, as the author and add it to 'Amazon Author Central'. This will interest potential buyers
4. choose two appropriate categories for listing on Amazon. This will guide buyers to your ebook’s page
5. register an account with Amazon, in your name, so that they pay you directly. You will be the publisher
6. set a price for your book that buyers will find competitive
7. choose seven keyword phrases. These should be ones that internet searchers frequently use to find books similar to yours
*8. create website pages dedicated to your book where you can, a), describe the book and its history and contents in greater detail, b), link directly to your Amazon listing to increase your chances of boosting sales and c), add further commentary about the book as reviews come in.
*9. prepare a PDF version of your book. This you can then email to interested journalists, friends and colleagues to gain publicity and sales. Use this to boost good reviews on Amazon's Kindle store

*Items, 8 & 9. Website pages tailor-made for your book, and a PDF for emailing to journalists are essential marketing requirements

Amazon offers general advice on all of the above aspects, except items 8 & 9. Amazon do not charge for their advice, so if you are computer literate, and have the time to read their documentation thoroughly, you should eventually be able to convert your existing files and then list your book, at minimum expense. We recommend you visit their website (click on the following link) and learn all about the things you will need to do, and not do. Amazon Self Publishing Help

Alternatively, our Priority Listing service will undertake all the above work for you, including items 8 & 9, for an all-inclusive fee based on your specific book details - contact us for an immediate quote.

You email all the information to us and we create professional files and ensure your listing is correct in every respect. You remain the publisher, and we register the Amazon account in your name.

For most fiction, Moulin’s Priority route is all you’ll need to convert ebooks for Kindle. And we exchange as many emails as it takes with our clients so that they decide what they want done, and when, before they give the go-ahead.

Extras: if your book contains many illustrations, lists, indexes, and other special layout features, then we’ll be happy to quote special fees (i.e. higher ones!) These extra fees will be based on the extra hours required. As soon as we know what’s involved, we’ll quote, without obligation. To begin with, we suggest you publish solely on Kindle. Amazon's Kindle Store represents your major marketing opportunity. When that’s up and running - and proving successful - you can decide whether to sell the ebook in other places and in other formats.

For most fiction, Moulin’s Priority route is all you’ll ever need

Remember, with Moulin's eBook Publishing Service you have one person to talk things through with as your Kindle listing is set up. This ensures you get the ebook you want, acceptable to Amazon, in a matter of days.

You retain all the rights to your book, and all income from sales. If your printed book is not listed on Amazon, we will help you get it listed, along with the eBook we design for you, at no extra charge.

To Get the Ball Rolling, and to have your book converted and listed on Amazon speedily:

Email us by clicking on the following link. A publishing editor will email you in  hours.


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